Chief Director

Marty has a 30-year history within the spirits industry with experience within both the supplier and distributor tiers. Marty is a former VP Marketing at both SKYY Spirits and Breakthru Beverage and has worked with hundreds of brands both domestic and international. He is an accomplished, insightful marketing executive with a proven track record of building brands, developing successful new products and designing high impact marketing campaigns that drive revenue growth. Marty has the ability to transform an under-performing brand into a lucrative trendsetter.


Financial Director

Derek has extensive financial and analytical experience with both suppliers and distributors. He worked in the Finance Department at Breakthru Beverage, building and managing sales and key brand analysis. Since then, he has worked with suppliers to ensure they are meeting industry standards in COGS, GP%, Budgets (Programming, Incentives, and Advertising), sales goals, and key metrics. Additionally, he works on his client’s behalf to understand the sales universe through market segmentation. He designs sales and POD goals that are tied to incentives with monthly analytics and reporting, provided to both clients and distributors.​


Marketing Director

Alex has been working in digital branding and marketing for over 12 years. He’s experienced in building brands and developing long-term marketing strategies. Through co-founding another digital marketing agency, Alex has worked with clients in virtually every marketing medium available. From driving brand awareness through paid online ads to developing a content strategy to communicate a brand’s story, he makes brands get noticed.

Adam Firewater Firm


Creative Director

Adam is our creative muscle and has over a decade of experience in the design and creation of brands. He’s a talented designer and developer who excels at making brands look beautiful. From spirit labels to distillery websites, when Adam is directing the creative process, things always run smoothly and look magnificent. He co-founded a branding and marketing agency from the ground up and is very experienced in both art direction and long-term branding strategy.


The Firewater Firm only works with a select few distillers each year. Please contact us below if you are interested in taking your distillery to the next level.

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