Firewater Firm Services

The Firewater Firm handles all aspects of helping a distillery to success, which includes the following services.

distillery marketing


As we know, the spirits industry is crowded with thousands of brands and is very competitive. The industry is also highly regulated with significant obstacles to gaining market access.

The Firewater Firm has worked with hundreds of brands and understands how to develop brands to succeed in the US market. It is critical to design your brand to be viewed as a “commercially viable proposition” amongst the distributor, retailer, and on-premise communities.

A variety of factors will influence brand perceptions including:

  • Brand name
  • Brand story
  • Key selling points
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand personality and image
  • Bottle and label design
  • Quality of liquid
  • Pricing
  • Spirits segment (big, small, growing or not)
  • Volume expectations
  • Social media presence
distillery branding


Market Access is critical to the success of any brand. The Firewater Firm has a long history and strong relationships with a variety of potential distributor partners within the spirits industry.

The Firewater Firm will build and manage your distribution network including:

  • The development of a compelling presentation that communicates the key features and unique selling points of your brand(s)
  • Determine the optimal geographies and best distributor partners to reach those targeted markets
  • Connect with those distributors and present your brands, as well as the support we will provide to best position them for success
  • Develop market specific brand pricing models for each market incorporating state tax and local laws/regulations
  • Assist is liquor license applications for each market
  • Design brand launch plans, programming, and goals to successfully drive distribution within targeted retail and On-Premise accounts
  • Conduct meetings with the distributor Sales Force to educate them on your brands, their key selling points and details relative to launch plans and programming
  • Manage brand set up within the distributors “systems” including brand specs, pricing, and programming
  • Manage product Purchase Orders, inventory and reporting on depletions
  • Establish consistent distributor communications to address any problems or take advantage of market opportunities
distillery marketing


Driving brand awareness, communications of a brand’s story, key selling points, and image are critical to a brand’s success! The Firewater Firm are experienced brand builders with a proven track record of success!

We understand how to develop marketing strategies and messaging that break through the clutter and get noticed. We have a talented & exceptional creative team that works across multiple platforms. Based on brand positioning and target consumer, our communications are effective, efficient, and evolving to drive “pull” from our customers and reorders for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Tastings
  • Promotions
  • Sponsorships
  • Digital
  • Bar Spends
  • Displays
  • On-Premise Strategies
  • PR
  • Creative design
  • Website design
  • All digital platforms
  • Influencers
  • Traditional media (TV, Billboards, Print, Radio)