Launch of Firewater Firm

The Firewater Firm was established as a liquor business consultancy whose specialty is guiding distillers through the competitive, complex and sometimes confusing spirits industry. As a boutique marketing agency, we are uniquely qualified to service our clients with over 50 years of industry experience, expertise and a track record of proven results from supplier, distributor and consumer tiers.

We expand brand success through the development of an enhanced brand propositions, securing partnerships with spirits distributors, designing and implementing distributor programming and the development and execution of creative and cost-efficient marketing campaigns. Our experience allows our clients, distillers of craft spirits, to avoid costly mistakes while accelerating brand expansion, sales, and market success.

The Firewater Firm provides distillers, like you, with the knowledge, expertise and experience necessary to develop your brands and business to greater levels of success. We understand the limited resources of our distilling clients and operate within a very cost-effective model to minimize additional investment and maximize results!

The Firewater Firm works exclusively with Spirits Distillers producers and brings to them the knowledge, experience and relationships to level the playing field. We work with our clients in a very “hands-on” manner, understanding their passion and vision for their brands while balancing industry and market realities. Our culture is a bit of “David vs Goliath”, as we understand our client’s brands are competing with every brand in the world, not just brands in the craft space. Our process ensures that your brands “stand up” to every brand within their competitive set, are differentiated, unique, and relevant to the distributor, retailer and on-premise communities. We have proven our client’s brands, with a bit of our assistance, can be successful in today’s spirits industry, and we would love for you to join the revolution!

Let’s connect and discuss what we can do for your brands and business!

Please call Marty @ 917-881-7543 or email me @

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